About Us

“Hey man, what’s your hobby?” “I like chess.”

Normally if one is asked what their hobby is, they would say something like “I love (playing) football”. Well the creator of this website, loves chess. This is how the website came about. I LOVE CHESS.

ilovechess.net is an online community where people can watch chess tutorials, read articles (Discussion page) and engage in discussions with one another. The community will continue to grow as we reach out to more people through Youtube, Social Media and through our existing contacts. I Love Chess is an idea, a mindset, a passion that all the chess players share. There is nothing comparable to this passion we have and people will not understand this passion until they are just as addicted to chess as we are.

We constantly encourage new players to start learning this game and in the tutorials I have added some tips on how to learn this game for beginners and you will also find videos on teaching club level players tips on strategies, theories and how to improve to become stronger.

Engage in our online events and local events, join our discussions and we will keep you updated with our content. Join our emailing list, simply send an email to ilovechess.net@gmail.com and you will be added to the weekly emailing list that will update you with all the new content we have put on the website.

♡ from the ilovechess.net team.