Study Group Tactics #2 Solutions

The Answer Key to Study Group Tactics #2:

A1. 1.Bxc6+ bxc6 2. Qxb4 wins a piece.

A2. 1.Nd7++! Ka8 2.Nb6+ axb6 forced. 3.Qa4#

A3. Black to move, 1…Re2+ leads to mate when queen comes in.

A4. 1…Ne4! 2.Bxd8 Bxf2# or 2.Be3 Bxe3 3.fxe3 Qh4+ 4.g3 Nxg3

A5. 1.f5 (or g5 first) Kb3! (1…exf5 2.gxf5 followed by e6 is winning) 2.g5 White will create a passed pawn. hxg5 3.f6 gxf6 4.h6. Once white queens, the queen will be able to stop all the pawns.

A6. d5,h5,h2,g2,g4,e4,e3,a3,f3,f8,f1,h1.

Hope you enjoyed those puzzles! See you in the next puzzles.

from the team.

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